Black + Blum

To begin my research for this project, I wanted to use a company or product that I had prior experience with. This lead me to choose Black + Blum. This brand is known for their handy kitchen and household appliances. To make a concise commercial, I chose to focus on their EAU Good Water Bottle, a product that I have and love to use. 

Once I’d chosen a brand and product, I began to research both and what message I wanted the commercial to convey. Since I was using the water bottle, I wanted to focus on waste reduction and how the EAU Good water bottle does that. This bottle also has a Binchotan charcoal feature that is highlighted on the company’s website. 

After choosing material to focus on, I began to lay out my storyboard. I decided to go with the theme of did you know and start off with a fact about plastic water bottles. I then highlighted the sustainability and reusability of the Binchotan charcoal and the Black + Blum water bottles. 

To create a color scheme, I used the six bottles to both highlight the product and to emphasize the six main selling points of the EAU Good water bottle. I used the same typography as on their website and focused on a mix of both white text, to mimic the tag on the water bottle, and black text, to both off set the white and to emphasize other information.