C4D Design & Music

I chose to animate 5 words that I thought would provide the most variety but also best represent the music and design terms. Each of these disciplines uses different words to define the same qualities, one visual and one auditory. The videos use a mix of both color and shape to illustrate the music and relate it to the design definition. For accent I used circles because in music accents are represented with a dot above a note. I also used warm colors to bring a visual emphasis to specific notes of the music. In balance, I chose squares and muted jewel tones to emphasize the musical contrast. Squares help to illustrate the contrast and mix of tones to provide a balanced sound through clear sharp edges. For contrast I wanted to illustrate movement and motion in the use of the complimentary colors blue and orange. The spheres move in opposite directions with overlapping interaction illustrate this further. The music also has contrasting accented notes which minorly mimic the bounce of the spheres. In the legato video, I wanted a softer sound compared to the other four videos. Each one has contrasting elements of pitch, but the legato video focuses on softer tones and a gentler rhythm. When creating this video, I thought that blue best represented both the sound and emotion of the video. When listening to this music, I thought about snow falling. This led me to choose a softer, blurred texture to illustrate the gentleness of legato and the movement its sound implies. My final video focused on texture. I chose to convey texture through the use of movement and stacked rectangular shapes. The color and movement help to emphasis the visual texture of the audio. Each string reacts to different tones in the music to create a repeating, but varied, texture.