C4D Time and Space

To begin this project, I made a list of a variety of systems. From this list, I chose three or four that I thought would be most interesting to create or to watch. This included a clock, our solar system, or a marine ecosystem. I sketched several different ideas and determined that the solar system would be most engaging. Originally, I was going to do the entire solar system, but following in-class discussions and research, I decided it would provide a different view by focusing on only the planets with rings.

I chose to create the music before animation because I felt that the music would influence both the feel and progression of the video. Science fiction has a fairly defined set of sounds that are associated with space and I wanted to build on this theme with the addition of an electric, techno base. Since the composition is so short, I wanted to keep the audience engaged with minimal repetition or anticipatory sounds. Science fiction is, in some ways, all about the unexpected or unanticipated, therefore I wanted to include this in my composition by using a futuristic set of sounds. I used the Tardis sound for the conclusion because it is a sound fundamental to a show that revolves around time, space, and the unanticipated. This sound is something unexpected, but still futuristic and fits with the overall theme of the composition.


To create the animation, I wanted to show an abstracted formation of the four planets with rings: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Each of these planets have a variety of rings with different concentrations of color and gradient. While creating both the planets and the rings, I learned a lot about a variety of tools, especially involving texture and color, in C4D that helped make the workflow easier and faster. Since I created the music first, I was able to design the animation to fit into the flow and feel of the music, influencing my overall process. My research also helped to influence the animation as well. In most of the clips, I animated the moons of each planet to appear at the same time as the rings since both of these pieces were usually results of collisions with other bodies.