Type Hype App & Website

The purpose of this creative component is to explore the theory that letterforms and typographic anatomy influence which typefaces work well together, and how to most efficiently provide designers with necessary tools to make those decisions. In this paper, I propose a website concept and app resource for both novice and experienced designers. It is difficult to find a comprehensive website, book or blog if an individual is not aware of its existence, as my research will show. My creative component focuses on the collection of this widespread information and combines it into one resource that promotes designer collaboration. This resource tool would help designers keep up to date on current trends, books, and font releases from anywhere they work with a mobile app or website. My proposed website also features a tool that would help designers determine which fonts to combine based on letter formation and type anatomy. I drew upon relevant literature, typographic explorations, and a survey I conducted. My survey of working professionals and academics provided results that suggest a broad scope of taste, historical and regional influence. The survey also explored the influence of designer intuition, and the role it plays when choosing an effective typeface.